875, Route de la Gare 01150 VILLEBOIS


GUILLET’s reputation is firmly established, as its longevity indisputably proves.

Since 1643, GUILLET has been designing, manufacturing and commercialising tools characterised by their use in impact work.

Over generations, this family-run business has evolved in forging, traditional machining, and then multi-axis numerical control machining, while retaining complete command of its manufacturing processes (forging, machining, heat treatment, brazing, packaging, etc.): genuine advantages ensuring its independence and responsiveness.

Today, we are proud to represent the 17th generation of GUILLET’s knowhow.
Quality and service continue to be the key words driving our teams in the quest for new or stronger partnerships.

Cédric and Florent GIREAU


  • 1643 Municipal archives reveal that Jacques GUILLET was already working as a master blacksmith in Villebois. This
    trade, resulting from a highly local tool need, is linked to use of Villebois stone.
  • 1900 Hydraulic power constitutes the first form of mechanisation in 1890, thus marking the company’s point of departure. In 1910, installation of a turbine allows implementation of a drop hammer, thus expanding the business.
  • 1955 Workshop surface triples in size. Guillet thus accompanies the development of hand tools and chooses to implement a range of tools for pneumatic hammers. This era marks the incorporation of tungsten carbide in tools. Continuous investments then cause this cottage industry to develop into an industrial structure.
  • 1965 Guillet moves to its current site and incorporates production of tools for hand-held electric machines, thus anticipating the major change in the tool market.
  • 1980 The company assumes an international orientation, opening up to export markets. It now begins to extend its production workshop, investing in a numerical control machine base that it adds to regularly. In 1978, it also acquires its first ERP system and computerises its production management.
  • 2000 GUILLET incorporates a computer-aided drawing system in 1995, followed by a computer-aided design system in 2004.
  • 2008 The celebration of the company’s 365th anniversary attests to the desire for innovation and continuous improvement of the organisation and production means. As proof, the ISO 14001 quality and OHSAS 18001 health/safety certifications awarded in 2012 and 2013, respectively.
  • 2016 Today, Guillet ranks as a technical referent through its experience, expertise and presence beside stakeholders on the tool market, in the construction, industrial and stonework sectors.